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Michael Alan’s Living Installation: Come and Be You.

Sometimes its weird for me to write about art. I mean, it is all an individual experience, supremely personal and interpreted differently by everyone. Some people just don’t get it, or are afraid to get it, or are intimidated by it. This, to me, is a waste, because regardless of your knowledge of art, or background, we all have eyes (well, many of us), and all have the aptitude to experience something- whether we understand it or not. This was my original goal with Art Nerd, to provide some art-experience to those who were hesitant, to show that art is all around us.


Anyway, I’m rambling, but this is what Michael Alan’s Living Installation drawing events remind me of. It’s a place where humans become sculptures, where the audience becomes of the art making process, and actually really isn’t an audience at all. In reality, Alan provides fantastical scenes for an audience to be inspired by- to draw, paint, or just think about. He pushes participants out of reality, out of the comfort zone of a gallery opening, leaving out the rules of social interaction, and instead creating an atmosphere where art transforms into a dance party, transforms into a social gathering, and then into art making, and then to a musical performance. Most recently, the installation came in form of his birthday, with an Alice in Wonderland-ish party at Succulent Studios set to an experimental soundtrack by Tim Lee and Bryce Hackford, closing out the Palabra show he was a part of. (and where these pics are from, thanks to Kristen Collins and Hughbert Burckhardt )


Yea, its hard to explain. But it is art without judgement, inviting everyone to experience THE experience, without fear of art snobs looking down their stupid noses.

Side bar: For the last 11 years he has done shows at the Chelsea museum, Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern, The Whitney, The Gershwin Hotel, The Dumbo Arts Center, Baffo Art Center, Teatro IATI , Millenium/La Mama, The House of Collection, ABC No Rio, Gasser Grunert Gallery, McCaig-Welles gallery, Jack the Pelican gallery, Eastern District gallery in Bushwick, rooftops throughout NYC, and even at Michael Alan’s home. The show is set to original music with collaborations with artists such as Kenny Scharf, Meredith Monk, members of Wu-Tang, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy’s, Ariel Pink, Japanther, Odd Nosdam, The Boredoms, and Tommy Ramone.

Try one out.

_MG_4251 hue hueeeeeeeeeee hueeeeeeeeeee IMG_0063 IMG_0161 photo The Circus of Julio 11 x 14

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    Thanks photos by Kristen Collins and Hue

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