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MCNY Mocks City’s Miniature Apartments


In its final weeks at the Museum of the City of New York, the “Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers” exhibition continues to put the city on blast for the microscopic accommodations it offers to its 8 million residents.

The exhibit is centered around a full-size model of a micro-apartment, a 325-square-foot studio, designed by the museum, with transformable furniture. The exhibit showcases the city’s major housing issues such as overcrowding and ‘smaller than the norm’ apartments. But instead of simply restating the problems at-hand, the Museum decided to present its own solutions and alternatives.


“Making Room” features multiple proposals that promote new housing options for 21st century families such as homes shared by single adults and extended families. That would be an interesting dynamic. Could you imagine a college graduate moving in with some random extended family? You might as well move back in with your family, if that was the case.


Another proposal involved incorporating transformable furniture into the city’s ultra small apartments. Having this type of furniture would allow apartments to seem bigger than they actually were and provide more space, which is what New Yorkers crave. This proposal was displayed via one of the elements of the micro-apartment known as the Cubista. It’s a small coffee table that transforms into seating for four people. Each side of the Cubista can be removed and attached to one of the four steel bases, along with a padded seat. The Cubista’s popularity has prompted the museum to auction it off to a lucky visitor before the exhibition ends.


“Making Room” has been a popular exhibition in the New York arts scene this year but I definitely think MCNY should craft an exhibition justifying the outrageous prices New Yorkers have to pay for the amount of space they get. But that’s a story for another day. “Making Room” will be on display until September 15th.




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