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Maya Hayuk at Clocktower

Tomorrow at 6pm, a reception for abstract muralist, Maya Hayuk, will take place at The Clocktower Gallery featuring a live performance by Uumans. Hayuk, whose exciting list of achievements range from exhibitions at The Hammer Museum in LA to working with bands like The Flaming Lips and TV on the Radio, is currently doing a residency with Clocktower where she will be displaying her work until November 8.node-image

Maya Hayuk unveils a blacklight-reactive environment that has taken over her residency space, allowing the viewer to float through her neon world of patterns made from paint and pasted paper. The reception features a live performance by Uumans, and affords the viewer the opportunity to sink even deeper into the mind state that allows her to form these abstract spaces.

Hayuk earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She’s gained notoriety for her colorful, dynamic and abstract murals, paintings and screen prints. Characterized by symmetrical compositions and intricate patterns, such works recall traditional Ukrainian crafts, space travel and bizarre spiritual landscapes. She combines advanced painting techniques with the pursuit of psychedelic experience through visual form, so that her work appears to have been made with a carefully studied carelessness; languid, paint drips give way into swaths of color, while rigid geometric shapes open out into free forms.

Uumans is a project lead by Chicago native Matthew Mehlan that mixes music, dance, video, and arts and crafts. Mehlan is also involved with experimental band Skeletons and runs the record label Shinkoyo.

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