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MASS at Vector with JJ Brine and Julia Maria Sinelnikova

JJ Brine’s Vector is part gallery, part conceptual installation and all- encompassing creativity. Join the neon- lit oasis on Clinton Street for a religious experience lead by Brine and the incredible Julia Maria Sinelnikova this Saturday.


The first official VECTOR mass will consist of preaching/sermons by President JJ Brine, Minister of Truth Julia Maria Sinelnikova, Minister of Education Montgomery Harris, Minister of Prophets B.j. Dini, and Minister of Science Danielle – Draik. The second half of the mass will consist of a ritual related to the Seven Horsemen of The Apocalypse – that’s right, seven, featuring Matt Peterson, Fred Jennings, and Stuart Sudekum.

This is the first of a series of religious services that will take place at VECTOR. The sermons from these services will be recorded and will ultimately be transcribed for compilation into The Book of VECTOR.

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