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Marie Vic’s cinematic universe with Alldayeveryday at Redbull Studios this weekend

This weekend only, Redbull Studios has been transformed into the surreal world of the fictitious production company, Whalecum Pictures. The vision of artist Marie Vic, the sprawling space is a cinematic exploration into re-imagined moments from iconic movies, re-dressed, re-appropriated and re-acted by Vic herself. The immersive dark movie set is paired with sculptural props from Whalecum, blurring the boundaries and dimensions between film, reality and memory. To complete the journey into real and cinema,  the exhibition continues with The Gift Shop, where some of the merchandise is actually available for sale, a fun art object collaboration with creative liaison dream-makers, Alldayeveryday.

“Whalecum Pictures” by Marie Vic
Redbull Studios, 220 West 18th St.
June 18th-21st, 11:00am-7:00pm

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