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Marcos Amaro: When Visual Guidance Isn’t Enough

Get yourself to 2 Rivington Street for the experiential installations by Brazilian artist Marcos Amaro, which opened last night. Can’t wait to check it when I am back!


New Minds Studio and curator Alexander Clark are pleased to announce When visual guidance isn’t enough, a solo show from Brazilian artist Marcos Amaro. The artist will present several new works utilizing industrial materials, like the fuselage of an airplane, into different abstract and highly sculptural compositions. The new pieces, all created in the vein of Amaro’s past work, reinvent the undistinguished beauty of objects created for specific functional purposes. Marcos’ work explores his emotional history with these machines. His father was a pilot and mother a fashion designer, and Marcos incorporates both parts from discarded aircraft and textiles in order to analyse his own psyche.

Marcos Amaro "When Visual Guidance Isn't Enough" exhibition opening at 2 Rivington St. in New York, NY on September 13, 2016.  (Photo by Stephen Smith)

Marcos Amaro “When Visual Guidance Isn’t Enough” exhibition opening at 2 Rivington St. in New York, NY on September 13, 2016. (Photo by Stephen Smith)

The use of aircraft in his work comments on Brazil’s proud aviation history and role in pioneering aviation travel. Possibly referencing Brazilian aeronautical pioneer Alberto Santos­Dumont, revered for his aviation ingenuity constructing heavier­than­air aircraft, pushing flight into the future.Amaro aims to deconstruct these planes like a therapist would deconstruct a psyche, mapping the parts and pieces that make up the planes, producing maps of how the different parts fit together. He also incorporates the use of Brazilian military materials, notably an orange tarp, referencing Brazil’s military and political importance – a military power second only to the United States.

Both contemporary and historical references can be drawn via nods to John Chamberlain’s sculptures or Tom Sach’s fascination with feats of engineering. By recovering materials left to the elements (or landfills), his creations reflect a consciousness of the environment.

About the Artist:

Marcos Amaro (b. 1984, Brazil) has exhibited extensively both at art fairs and at galleries throughout the world and is represented by galleries in the USA, Switzerland and in Brazil. Marcos Amaro’s work aims to recontextualize materials known for different, often utilitarian, purposes that when rearranged create new and challenging aesthetic readings in comparison to their once humble beginnings. Rudders, propellers, and mechanical parts are all repurposed into sculptures, metamorphosing from debris to a complex reflection of the artist’s emotions.
Born and raised in São Paulo in 1984, Amaro’s selftaught practice encompasses writing, designing, painting and sculpture. His work is in collections around the world including the collection of art dealer Helly Nahmad. He is a member of the Latin American Academy of Arts and runs a foundations called Fundação Marcos Amaro, helping artists to find their identity and promoting the work of emerging Brazilian talent.
He currently lives and works between Brazil and Miami, Florida.

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