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Tonight, experience LUST  like you never have. Forget your troubles with a cornucopia of food, drink, music and desire at Abby Hertz’s popular dinner party where food is served on naked bodies and eaten with raw abandon. Get tickets for dinner or just the show.


Lot 45 Bushwick, 411 Troutman Street, Brooklyn
Thursday, November 17, 7:00pm


An immersive, erotically charged dinner party where food is served on naked bodies and eaten with raw abandon. Use your hands, feed a stranger…use your mouth…straight off some hot flesh.

An erotic, sensual party filled to brim with sexually-charged performances. In a world full of fucking without intimacy, indulge in a night of Intense. Intimacy. without Fucking.

This edition of LUST is all about abundance. Our cornucopia is spilling out with the luscious harvest of autumn and our cups floweth over, creating rivers of warmed wine that drip into our wide-open, berry-stained mouths. Come feast your eyes, mouth, skin, and heart at our luscious altars

Wrap yourselves in velvet, leather, and lace, adorn your heads with antlers, and greet the goddesses of mirth and magick underneath the waning moon.


Enjoy a sumptuous feast served off of naked bodies, fed to you by our lascivious lady servants and man slaves.

There are no plates and no utensils. All food is eaten with your hands.
We are carnal animals. Remember your origins and eat with abandon.

Each table and body has a different course. Spend time lounging at each table to get your full meal.

2 Responses to “LUST!”
  1. If I knew about it yesterday…

  2. Brian Howell Brian Howell says:

    I’ll have to go next time. :^)

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