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Lower Manhattan Art Walk

  Richard Serra, Tilted Arch, Lower Manhattan     See it Split, See it Change, Doug and Mike Starns, South Ferry Station, Subway Art, Lower Manhattan

Art Walk for Lower Manhattan featuring outdoor public art, MTA secret spaces and 1950s famous artist haunts.

Lower Manhattan is a mesh of Revolutionary Era history, Minimalist public sculptures, and of course thousands upon thousands of tourists. But braving the crowds is definitely worth taking a spin into history. Lower Manhattan feels like no other place in the city, there’s “Old New York”- the time of glamour, supper clubs and evening gowns. But this is Old Old Old New York, where founding fathers roamed, worried about the British, and planned exit strategies through Governor’s Island.

These highlights may not reach far back as the 18th Century, but juxtaposed against the deeply historical architecture, the contrast makes for an awesome way to spend an hour. From Rosenthal’s rotting 5 in 1 (which I dislike, yet chose to pose in front of for this interview…hmm) to the first warehouse artists colony inhabited by Rosenquist and Jasper Johns, to even a bit of modern history with Fritz Koenig’s Sphere, which survived the 9/11 attacks, Lower Manhattan is an area that New Yorkers tend to avoid, but a short jaunt and you’ll fall in love with it.
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    a few highlights amidst the tourist heavy streets- Lower Manhattan Art Walk via @artnerdnewyork

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