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Louise Nevelson Plaza

Russian born Louise Nevelson began her shallow relief sculptures in the 1930s. She moved from studying in New York to Munich to assist Diego Rivera, causing a huge rift between the artist and his wife Frida Kahlo, being one of his many mistresses. She then returned to New York during the depression to teach art on the Lower East Side. She was so poor that she and her son would spend days wandering the streets of New York to collect fire wood to keep warm- which later became the inspiration for her monochromatic sculptures. Her son Myron “Mike” Nevelson also became a sculptor.

Louise Nevelson Plaza on Maiden Lane is the first public place to be named after an artist in New York, a feat for a female artist. Several Cor-Ten sculptures can be seen in this park.

Who: Louise Nevelson

What: Louise Nevelson Plaza

Where: Maiden Lane and William Street


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