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Logan Hicks’ Massive Stencil for the Bowery Wall

If you haven’t seen the corner of Houston Street at Bowery yet, make sure you stop over before the magical process of Logan Hicks is complete. Hicks, a photorealist stencil artist (yes, and my boyfriend) has been chosen as the next featured artist for the famous Bowery Wall, which is owned by Goldman Properties. The 70 foot wall will be transformed into “Story of my Life,” a five layer stencil mural featuring a hundred or so people who have touched Hicks’ life, walking down the iconic Greene Street in Soho where Tony Goldman started his business in the 1980s. Day one was the hardest, ending in a massive downpour. We’ll be tracking Hicks’ work this week through my personal Instagram account should you not be able to make it over before the weekend.


IMG_8186 logan2

2 Responses to “Logan Hicks’ Massive Stencil for the Bowery Wall”
  1. Marj Fiore Marj Fiore says:

    I’ll try and see it! 8/9

  2. it’ll be up for 4 months:)

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