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Living Together is Easy

Roving curatorial power house, and my dear friend, Standard Practice is at it again with “Living Together is Easy” which opens Friday in W’burg. Congrats Jessie!
Living Together is Easy brings together two artists working with historical events that have left real and palpable effects behind in their wake.
Taking delicate historical materials pertaining to human violences both direct and indirect, each artist has created a portal that allows us to access the emotional realities of these moments in ways that the distance of media or narrative does not allow for.
The works presented portray a deep tenderness on the part of the artists for the victims of the different kinds of violence the works reference.
Lindsey-Hall creates incredibly delicate and beautiful porcelain sculptures of the documented objects used in hate crime homicides, while Rapicavoli works with film, photography and slide projection to empathize with the experience of boat people, refugees and immigrants fleeing economic and political strife.
The show carries a particular urgency as the Syrian refugee crisis maintains momentum and racially and sexually motivated aggression continues on a daily basis globally. Living Together is
Easy aims to create a space for considering the impacts on individuals amongst these much larger global, economic and political networks. Rapicavoli gives voice to the internal lives of the displaced, and Lindsey-Hall says in a recent statement; “ …my work points to the fragility of life not just for sexual and racial minorities, but for us all.”

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