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Lightness of Being


Don’t you just love art in the park? I’m sure you do. Outdoor artwork has always been popular in the New York arts scene and has opened the door for plenty of arts organizations to become facilitators of public art. The Public Art Fund is one of these organizations dedicated to merging art with the city’s urban landscape. The nonprofit’s latest project boasts a collaborative exhibition featuring 11 global artists in the picturesque City Hall Park.


“Lightness of Being” consists of 11 sculptures made from various materials such as stacking blocks, a totem pole, and misshaped bicycles. The exhibition illustrates the creative, wacky imaginations of each artist. You have snake-shaped benches on one side of the park that will most likely entice young kids to mess around with it. Then there’s a miniature circus ring standing upright, hidden behind a row of benches. You turn around and notice a totem pole made of colorful barrels mounting itself in a garden. For the next four months, City Hall Park will not only be a lunch spot for the Downtown community but a haven for art enthusiasts.


The eccentric exhibition includes weekly performances and will be on view until December 13th. There’s nothing like crazy artwork causing a scene in the stuffy Financial District.


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