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Lever House Art Collection

The Lever House was one of the first glassy skyscrapers to open on Park Avenue, changing the look of the masonry street into a business center in 1952.  Now we associate the place with financial trading, but the Historic Landmark was actually the headquarters of the Lever Brothers Soap Company back in the day. But who cares- we want to know about art. The Lever House Collection has consistently shown edgy and exciting artists for public consumption, not only within its ground floor exhibition space, but also in public sculpture outside. Jeff Koons, David LaChapelle, Barbara Krueger, Damien Hirst, EV Day and Keith Haring have all been shown, with endless rotation.


The Lever House art collection is like a mini museum, and above all free!


What: Lever House Art Collection

Where: 390 Park Avenue


Images ©Lever House

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  1. Jessalyn says:

    What a neat arctlie. I had no inkling.

  2. Angie, the cookies are so cute…I love passion fruit…too bad that I cannot find often here. The pictures are awesome as always.Hope you are having a fantastic week 🙂

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