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László Moholy-Nagy Influences Abstraction in Hungarian Photography

I remembered being enamored with painter and photographer László Moholy-Nagy while I was in school- his interest in constructivism and involvement with the Bauhaus school elevated him above most others to me- we also emulated his photograms when studying basic black and white photography. Opening this Saturday May 7 from 6-9pm is the first of two exhibitions celebrating the artist “Impact: Abstraction & Experiment in Hungarian Photography,” which will be on display at the Alma Gallery (625 W. 27th Street), through June 18. The exhibition delves into Moholy-Nagy’s interest in abstraction, and pairs 20 contemporary Hungarian artists with his iconic work.

Modernity X Hungary—A Festival of Hungarian Modernism in New York, a series of exhibitions, concerts, and performances taking place May 7 – August 14, 2016, sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary.

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