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Last Rites Gallery Gothness

There are standard white box galleries galore all over Chelsea and beyond, but legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth’s Last Rites Gallery is like an art installation in its own right. The sprawling interior could be lifted right out of Nosferatu, with Gothic windows, columns, fountains and decorative furniture right inside the 3rd floor warehouse space. The front opens to a gallery, which specializes appropriately in “Dark Pop”- which sounds like you need to be into zombies to appreciate it, but has grown to include a stable of relatable artists for collectors of all genres. A small theater line with Gothic church pews sits to the left of the gallery, and to the right where the tattoo magic happens. There’s also a Victorian looking sitting room, and plenty of dark and foreboding charm. With shows showing young artists like Beau Stanton, Anthony Pontius, Ewelina Koszykowska and Martin Witfooth, it’s worth a long look- first at the art, and then at the gallery’s fantastical interior.

lastrites2 lastrites3 lastrites4 lastrites5 lastrites6

Who: Paul Booth and Dark Pop Artists

What: Last Rites Gallery

Where: 511 W 33rd St #3N

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