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Lady Aiko- Bunny in the House at WALLWORKS NY

Friday night- head to WALLWORKS for the one and only Lady Aiko’s latest show!

Bunny in the House
Lady Aiko solo exhibition
March 2 – April 6, 2018
Opening Reception
March 2, 2018
BRONX, NEW YORK (MARCH 1, 2018) — WALLWORKS NEW YORK is proud to announce our latest exhibition; a solo show of Lady Aiko. Bunny in the House will include new and old works from the Japanese-born, New York-based artist as well as a site-specific installation.
Internationally known as one of most iconic and prolific stencil artists of the last decade, Bunny in the House is a celebration of Lady Aiko’s signature style. A collection of original canvases, prints, works on paper and found objects from 2007 to present will be on view and available, as well as a ten-foot tall Bunny stencil painted directly onto the gallery walls.

Lady Aiko’s feminine style of color and subject matter are a triumph of being a woman in a predominantly male-dominated world. Instead of trying to play like one of the boys, there is no question of the “lady”-ness of Lady Aiko. Her swirling pinks and purples and yellows give way to a glorification of the female body and the re-claiming of the bunny as a feminine image.

AIKO was born and raised in Tokyo before moving to New York City in the mid-90′s. Already creating art since a young age, her art career in NYC began when she started working for Takashi Murakami. She apprenticed in Murakami’s studio in Brooklyn and worked for him until the late 90′s going on to a direct a digital biography on the artist (“Superflat” 1998). AIKO continued to practice her own art and after leaving Murakami’s studio graduated from The New School University where she finished her MFA Media Studies and later met up with two American artists, the three of them would come to establish the group now known as FAILE.

Creating work within the collective locally and abroad for a number of years, she moved on and established herself as Lady AIKO in 2006. AIKO continues to create work in the studio as well as public space. She is acclaimed in the contemporary art world and well-respected within the international graffiti and street art scene. She had a two-person show “Brick Ladies” with Lady Pink in Brooklyn in 2008, and she worked with Banksy on “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010. Her large scale works indoors and outdoors are installed in many cities, including Miami’s Wynwood Walls in 2009, New York City’s Bowery Wall in 2013, and Coney Art Walls in 2015/2016/2017, all three curated by Jeffrey Deitch. AIKO has also been involved in a large collection of group shows, from “AnimamixBiennale” at Shanghai’s MoCA in 2009 to “Edo Pop” at Japan Society NYC in 2013, ‘Some Place Like Home” at Rumney Guggenheim Gallery NY in 2015 to her more
recent solo show, “Sweet Heart” at The Outsiders Gallery in the UK in 2014. AIKO has also been commissioned to create works in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Coach, Apple, Microsoft, Kiehl’s, The Standard, W Hotel, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Isetan, Warner
Bros. , RED, and former First Lady Michelle Obama etc.

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