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Lacy Barry’s Papercraft Fashions on Ecouterre

We were loving Lacy Barry on Ecouterre!

Artist, set and fashion designer Lacy Barry has the knack for making colorful, fantastical accessories, all out of paper. The Berlin-based Canadian uses her fine-tuned paper craft techniques to make gorgeous headpieces and fashions for music videos, window dressing and runway shows. From winged-headbands to golden halos, Barry transforms paper into glossy, bold pieces that make serious fashion statements.

Barry has traveled the globe bringing her paper craft to art and fashion lovers everywhere, having had studios in London, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal and now Berlin. Although she works in other mediums, the artist has found that paper is an easily manipulated medium, that retains bold hues no matter how it is folded.

Barry told Ecouterre, “I am inspired by the natural world and its myriad of shapes, textures, colors and subtle complexities, and this fascination permeates my work and my artistic practice. Currently I am fascinated with utilizing various airbrush gradients, combined with 3D paper craft techniques that sculpt flat materials to embody realistic structures.”

By using paper rather than less stiff fabrics, Barry’s head pieces look crisp and color saturated, while defying gravity. This tactile quality was also a draw, translating its beauty from real life to fashion photographs. ‘The surrealistic quality of papercraft is was initially attracted me to the art, the fact that it looks like that in a photo as well as in real life! The boundless possibilities to be able to make most any shape or form in the delicate material is what continues to keep my interest.”

You can scoop up one of Barry’s headpieces or handmade paper wings on her website.

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