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Lacy Barry Gives The Penrose the Artist’s Touch

If you’ve wondered why you get a sort of magical feeling when you’ve entered The Penrose gastropub on the Upper East Side, it is probably because the entirely environment isn’t the work of an interior designer, but instead was handpicked by artist Lacy Barry. The Berlin-based Canadian artist is more known for her incredible paper creations that are often transformed into set design and fashion projects, but for the Penrose, Barry decided to turn her expert eye onto found and vintage objects.

penrose3 penrose2 Penrosefeat


Inside, the Irish gastropub feels like a train station in Cork- or what a New Yorker might imagine a train station in Cork to feel like- only with gorgeous vintage typewriters, toile fabrics, rustic textures and of course paintings of old dudes. More artists should lend their expert eyes to New York interiors!


Who: Lacy Barry

What: The Penrose

Where: 1590 Second Avenue at 82nd. Street

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