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Kyle Kouri- Long After You’re Gone

You’ve got two more days to stop by 7Dunham right near the Williamsburg bridge to check out the beautiful show, Long After You’re Gone by Kyle Kouri. The entire show is a visualization of a short story written by Kouri himself. I love the blurring of media like this, and taking inspiration from oneself. Get there before it closes Thursday.


Long After You’re Gone
March 24, 2015
Kyle Kouri
April 11 – April 30, 2015

opening reception: Friday, April 10, 7 – 10pm

7 Dunham Place
Brooklyn, NY 11249

7Dunham is pleased to present, Long After You’re Gone, the first solo exhibition by New York based artist Kyle Kouri.

Inspired by his own short story, Dear Pup, this series of sculptures exists as a narrative; each work a chapter in the portrait of a devastated home surrounded by the remnants of lost love.

Kouri’s sculptures are distorted recreations of common objects. Their familiarity masks the vulnerable and volatile scene in which they exist.

Upon entering the gallery the viewer encounters the first chapter, Dear Pup, a brutal drama in which a man happens upon his former love. Moving further into the space, a For Sale sign sits ominously, signaling the end of one era and the potential for a new beginning. Past For Sale sits the facade of a home that can neither be entered nor exited. The foundation of the structure, a single beam, punctures the center of a pillow, a symbol of comfort, security and the womb. A stack of boxes bearing the familiar but strange slogan, “We Sell Boxes,” is beyond the house, signaling the weight of emotional trauma and the melancholy of a transitional time.

The culmination of these works is Secret. Inside a box that has been permanently sealed rests a note that exposes a damaging secret only Kouri knows. Molds of the artist’s hands hold out an axe, tempting and daring the viewer to break open the box, the cost being the destruction of the work itself.

This powerful series exposes the viewer to the heartbreak and pain that remains in one’s space and psyche Long After You’re Gone.

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