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Kitajico’s Lush Designs Evoke Early 20th Century Gone Sartorial

Kitajico's Art Nouveau-inspired work

Kitajico’s Art Nouveau-inspired work


I am instagram-infatuated with illustrator kitajico, a Japan-based artist whose intricate creations combine precisely curved lines and delicate colors. Ranging from geometrical abstraction to detailed portraits, her work blows me away. Everything about the composition is fantastic; she’s mastered the art of infusing texture into her images with precise lines. Her attention to precision is just sublime.


Kitajico illustration

Kitajico illustration


Most fantabulous are her works for fashion line Somarta, where she draws heavily from both Art Nouveau and Art Deco motifs to re-imagine the avant-garde fashion line’s pieces in a fantasy world of fantastic beasts and birds of paradise. The art nouveau works spotlight fantasy elvin females in embellished gowns, surrounded by flowers colored from a pastel color palette. Scanning the interlocking flora and fauna it’s impossible to look away from the amount of detail kitajico injects into her images.


Kitajico's Louboutin sketch

Kitajico’s Louboutin sketch

kitajico’s fantastical takes on lush floral themes contrast with her treatments of figures, including celebrities and models, showcasing her range of talents. She takes inspiration from across fashion and entertainment, and her careful treatment creates incredible and unforgettable portraits. She’s only beginning her career but I will be scrolling through my feed on the regular to keep up with wherever she goes next. Congrats, kitajico, and keep it coming!

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