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Kenny Scharf’s Sunshine

A ray of sunshine amidst the sadness that can be at a hospital for kids, is Kenny Scharf’s smiling flowers and butterflies. Painted across a sprawling rotunda in 2011, Scharf’s quirky characters come to life in berries, daisies, caterpillars, butterflies and my favorite- the clouds! Oh, how I love the clouds.New York hospitals used to actually have a reserve of funds to commission artists and purchase artworks for patients to enjoy in the 1960s-80s (like the massive Keith Haring mural at Woodhull)- its cool to see Scharf keeping that going even though those funds have long dried up.

scharf1 scharf2

It’s a totally bummer if your kid gets sick, but feasting your eyes on this original Kenny Scharf can bring just a little joy- even in a hospital.


Who: Kenny Scharf

What: Brooklyn Children’s Hospital Mural

Where: 4802 10th Ave New York, NY 11219‎

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