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Ken Hiratsuka’s Carved Granite Sidewalk in Noho

The late patron of the arts, Tony Goldman, left his mark on New York City, and is probably best known for making the wall on Houston and Bowery a rotating art exhibition. Like Francoise Schein’s Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk in front of Goldman’s Greene Street property, the developer wanted to bring art onto the street of the luxury condo building at 25 Bond. This piece, for the pedestrians of New York, is walked on each day- but it wasn’t drawn in wet concrete. Swirls are hand carved in the gorgeous Chinese granite sidewalk by Japanese sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, in “a single continuous line carving chiselled by hand, guided by a fluid, oceanic imagery” back in 2007. He has been carving continuous lines around the world as a way to transcend the language of the region, and create “fossils of the moment” (I like that).


The carved sidewalk installation leads into the entryway, where Hiratsuka created a free standing sculpture called “Nike” specifically for the space. The average New Yorker may not be able to afford the uber luxury of living in 25 Bond, (Will Smith and his fam lived here) but Goldman made sure we could all enjoy it. Bond Street is already one of those picturesque New York streets, still has cobble stone and classic architecture- it all fits together and makes me smile every time I walk down that street.


via Curbed

I love this crazy picture of Hiratsuka carving in the ocean. He seems like a real wild one.


Who: Ken Hiratsuka

What: sidewalk carving and “Nike” sculpture

Where: 25 Bond Street

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