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Keith Haring All-Over

Keith Haring leather jacket

Keith Haring and LA II (“Little” Angel Ortiz, b. 1967)
Painted leather jacket, 1983
Keith Haring artwork © Keith Haring Foundation Angel Ortiz (LA II) artwork © Angel Ortiz

Keith Haring is known for bringing some levity to the rough and tumble streets of 1980s New York City with his artwork but what many forget is that he also turned clothing, furniture and people into vibrant pieces of art.

Keith Haring All-Over is an installation at the New York Historical Society featuring works of art Haring created on everyday objects.

Highlights include photos of choreographer Bill T. Jones in full body paint, video of Haring designing a costume for Grace Jones’ “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You” music video and the pink jacket Madonna wore when she performed at Haring’s first “Party of Life” birthday celebration in 1984. The ceiling from Haring’s Pop Shop is also on display in the admissions area.

Keith Haring All-Over runs until November 13th at the New York Historical Society. For more information check out the exhibit page at

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