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Julian Levy- Best Gallerist Ever


Forget Castelli, forget Gagosian and Deitch, the real man with the plan was Julian Levy. The future gallerist ended up introducing Surrealism to the New York art world after dropping out of Harvard and hopping a steamer to France, where he fatefully met Marcel Duchamp on board. After arriving in Paris, Duchamp introduced Levy to pretty much everyone- Man Ray, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Salvador Dali and Bernice Abbott. Coming back to New York, he opened his first gallery in 1931 where he showed Man Ray’s photographs.  Levy (who was pretty cute, no?) then staged the epically important Surrealist group show, with work by Picasso, Ernst, Duchamp and Dali in January of 1932. This was the show that first showed New York Dali’s Persistence of Memory, which the gallerist bought himself. He went on to give Dali his first solo show in the Madison Avenue Gallery space, before moving to 57th Street in 1937.


Who: Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Picasso

What: Julian Levy Gallery

Where: 602 Madison Avenue


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  1. jonathan says:

    existential mistake: his name was Julien Levy – spelled with an “e”

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