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Julia Sinelnikova at Bushwick Open Studios

Bushwick Open Studios is this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to checking out Julia Sinelnikova‘s incredible ethereal work at Brooklyn Fire Proof, be sure to check it out! Saturday May 31, 12pm-7pm and Sunday June 1, 12pm-4pm


Julia Sinelnikova is a multimedia artist, born in Jerusalem, Israel and raised by Russian immigrants in Texas. She had her first solo exhibition in Houston at age 16, and has since exhibited internationally, as well as curated a variety of exhibitions. Her recent exhibitions include Interior/Exterior in June 2013, a solo project at Untitled BCN Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. Sinelnikova also presented site-specific work at Art Now and Select Art Fair during Miami Art Week (Art Basel) in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Her recent curatorial work includes Leveled Land, a Houston x Bushwick project, which was named a top ten curated exhibition of Bushwick Open Studios 2013 by Bushwick Daily. Passionate about bringing communities together around creative events, Sinelnikova has co-organized Bushwick Open Studios for over five years. In 2012 she helped organize GO, the first Brooklyn-wide open studio festival. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

“In my newest work, I am interested in exploring transparency as a visual element, and as a tool for exploring the idea of undecipherable layered meaning. In order to create immersive environmental artwork, I have begun to collaborate with artists working in media such as projection art, live installation, and reactive sound. The intricacy of my cut paper represents hours of meditative labor. I draw inspiration for these patterns from my photography of organic forms, such as plants, which I document during my travels and on days of heavy emotion. The moments which I spend clearing my mind of concerns and focussing on mysteriously beautiful, natural phenomena translate into obsessive patterns which crawl throughout my sculptural constructions.

My ‘Fairy Organs’ series draws from the aforementioned processes, but also explores the supernatural and contemporary notions of body image. I think it is fascinating that body alteration has progressed to the point where we can change out and modify our internal organs for aesthetic and medical purposes. I think this type of body modification is representative of the extent that our current globalized, digitalized, industrialized world has created a new reality. Dramatic body modifications can be both positive and very dark. For this reason I choose to attributed celestial, mythical beings, faeries, with these sculptures. The almost magical ability of human beings to transform themselves through technology is at once beautiful and haunting, similar to how faeries have been depicted in myths throughout history.”

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