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Video: Juggling Wolf’s Creative Moves

I’ve been following loving the work coming out of the creative animation studio, Juggling Wolf ever since I accidentally stumbled into a public viewing of their ‘Night Moves’ video.

The young collective of 3 (Jason Chen, Marina Gvozdeva, Ian Foster) seem to have found a niche — infusing their imaginative slow motion videos & experimental shorts with a particular brand of laid-back whimsy and art quirk.

Even their moniker, Juggling Wolf is a cleverly absurd studio name paired with a logo that embodies childhood nostalgia sleepily sketched by a Roald Dahl lover.


I can only hope this is all points to a declaration of their overall vibe because I want more of this play.  I’ll just stop gushing now and let you play a few of my Juggling Wolf favorites, including the short that brought you this fandom moment.

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