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JR’s Photobooth in Times Square

What can be better than JR and a photobooth? As part of his Inside Out Project, the French artist is teaming up with Times Square Arts and bringing New Yorkers and tourists alike to take selfies right in Times Square. The black and white pics will then be combined with a backdrop designed by JR and printed out in 3’x4′ posters. How cool is that?? The project till run until May 10th.


Also, I really have to say, Times Square Arts has really been bringing it lately. Up until recently, I only associated it with tourists and crusty Elmo costumes, but they’ve really raised the bar and have me wondering what they will put up next.



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  1. We can’t wait for @jrart’s interactive photobooth in Times Sq as part of his Inside Out proj @TSqArts @ArtNerdNewYork

  2. @JRart’s Photobooth in @TimesSquareNYC @TSqArts

  3. @evansante says:

    JR’s Photobooth in Times Square – #NewYork #Photo #Photography

  4. JR’s Photobooth in Times Square via @artnerdnewyork cc @timessquarenyc More on JR’s work

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