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JR in Soho

I’m loving JR’s Inside Out Lakota Project all over the city. It seems to take on an entirely different feeling in the context of New York, pasted amidst high end shops and busy tourist centers, rather than his past projects in favelas and poor areas. Instead, it turns the tables, bringing the attention to us, our overconsumption and our privilege, rather than drawing attention to the people of the poverty stricken areas that his pieces usually populate.

JR, Ted talks, Inside Out project, Inside out Lakota Project, Pinky OTto, Soho, 49 Prince Street, street art

Who: JR

What: Inside Out Lakota Project

Where: side of Pinky Otto- 49 Prince Street

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  1. @LoriZimmer says:

    JR’s work changes meaning when juxtaposed in NYC, rather than amidst favelas + poverty via @artnerdnewyork

  2. #JR in Soho via @artnerdnewyork

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