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JPO “This Life in Pieces” Solo Exhibition

This Saturday October 21, take the 6 train one stop into the Bronx for a new solo exhibition by artist and SOLD Mag co-founder JPO at WALLWORKS (39 Bruckner BLVD) from 5-8pm.

WALLWORKS NEW YORK is proud to present our latest solo
exhibition, featuring new works from JPO. This Life in Pieces showcases the latest compositions in JPO’s career, focusing on the subconscious and abstraction.

When asked about the works in his new exhibition, JPO states:
I work in the subconscious realm when I paint. In this state, I’m able to interpret
experiences, both past and present. I paint exactly what I’m thinking and feeling at that
very moment.
This show is allowing the viewer to actually take part and physically view pieces on my
life. I don’t know what the finality of the art is going to look like as I paint in real time as
my subconscious mind dictates artistic representations of my life.
I feel that one makes decisions in life with the hopes that the unknown will turn out well.
This show allows the viewers to engage and identify with the work within the layers
beyond the surface.

Through his use of color, layered images and language, we get to take a peek into his mind through art. The instantaneous style and prose of his work seems to evoke a similar aesthetic and attitude to abstract expressionism in a new, contemporary and urban approach.

JPO is a Visual artist based out of New York City known for his vibrant and elusive painting style. JPO translates raw emotions into colorful, powerful and expressive works of art while visually connecting concepts of human perception.
JPO’s passion for the arts emerged at a young age, for he was inspired by the eclectic tastes of his father and sister, who introduced him to improvisational styles of music and meditation. JPO draws much of his inspiration from his zeal to the practice of meditation. When he paints, he channels his third eye. His work has been shown in galleries across the country and his murals, painted on famous walls in New York city. JPO has also collaborated with such brands as: Gap, MTV, The NBA, and Hollenberg Bros.

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