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Jose Maria Sert- Time

Walking into the lobby at 30 Rock, visitors get an eyeful of a giant muscular Titan, who is straddling two columns directly over head. Aside from the up-crotch view, the figures are meant to represent the Past, Present and Future of man’s accomplishments. The massive panoramic piece also features a trompe l’oeil aspect- the crotch-baring Titan seems to be looking at you regardless of where you are standing in the room.

The brown and beige mural took the place of an incredible fresco by Diego Rivera, which was never shown to the public. Nelson Rockefeller commissioned Rivera to create three murals- Man at the Crossroads, The Frontier of Ethical Evolution and The Frontier of Material Development. The central piece, Man at the Crossroads, was to depict capitalism confronting communism. Except, Diego had his own ideas, and put a figure of Lenin holding hands with workers. The Rockefellers flipped out, Rivera wouldn’t change it, and so the entire piece was destroyed and replaced by Sert’s Time.

Diego Rivera's Man at the Crossroads

Diego Rivera’s Man at the Crossroads

Who: Jose Maria Sert
What: Time
Where: 30 Rockefeller Center, lobby

2 Responses to “Jose Maria Sert- Time”
  1. So much less controversial than Diego’s Rivera’s portrait of Lenin!

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