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Joohee Park (Sticky Monger) at Bunnycutlet

With each show running just 10 days, its easy to miss an awesome project at Bunnycutlet Gallery in Williamsburg! Here are some pics from their last all encompassing mural by Joohee Park (Sticky Monger)!

Eye See You, You See Eye closed the 10th but you can still enjoy its memory!

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BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE December 27th, 2013) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to present Eye See You, You See Eye, a solo exhibition featuring floor-to-ceiling mural installations by the artist Joohee Park, also known as Sticky-Monger. This will be Park’s first solo exhibition at Bunnycutlet.

Park’s murals are composed of black vinyl “stickers,” meticulously cut from giant sheets and installed piece-by-piece by the artist, creating images that melt and flow together like rivers of ink pouring down the gallery’s walls. Park’s tactile and visual obsession with fluid and sticky blackness is related directly to her childhood. Growing up in Korea, in a home that shared land with her family’s gas station, Park’s backyard housed 6 fuel-storage barns. There, the artist would hide among the oil cans, often stepping in and playing with the dense black petroleum puddles that were ubiquitous in her world.

The surreal imagery in Eye See You, You See Eye is also inspired by the act of seeing — eyes themselves are often the artist’s visual focal point. Park explains, describing her own pressure to adhere to Western standards of beauty, “as an Asian woman, I am often affected by the judging gaze of society.” Feeling examined, Park reflexively focuses on the eye itself. Taking inspiration from Wilder Penfield’s “Cortical Homunculus,” Park’s work is a sensory chart that magnifies her experiences in relation to how much brain-space they occupy. For Park, eyes populate her mind disproportionately, transforming her work into a melted mental map, filled with fluctuating variations of figures and large-scale eyes.

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