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Join me tonight at the Penthouse of Roger Smith Hotel

Tonight  in the penthouse of The Roger Smith Hotel (501 Lexington at 47th) from 6:30-8:30 for “Escape,” a series of films by Alexandra Momin, Beau Stanton, Lacy Barry, Katya Grokhovsky and Roberto Serrini curated by me. The hotel is celebrating their spring Mega Opening, with art receptions in all corners of the building. We’ll be taking over the gorgeous historic penthouse on the 16th floor (make a right off the elevator)- my favorite part of the hotel with a vaulted ceiling, wrap around balcony that overlooks the Chrysler and GE Buildings, the feel of an old world sitting room.
Showing on Channel 22 on the televisions in all guest rooms at Roger Smith, Escape is a series of five short films curated by Art Nerd New York’s Lori Zimmer exclusively for us. The films, by Alexandra Momin, Beau Stanton, Lacy Barry, Katya Grokhovsky and Roberto Serrini transport hotel guests to the streets of New York City, above and beyond, all from the comfort of their beds.

The chaotic blur of color and action in New York City is captured by Alexandra Momin’s Breathe, which abstracts the city into beautifully hazy hues that run together amidst the city streets. Katya Grokhovsky’s Status Update delves into the minds (and phones) of the modern New Yorker, who navigates the busy pedestrian traffic of actual Manhattan- all the while maintaining an online life (and often causing infuriating pedestrian congestion with rampant and frequent status updates on social media).

Roberto Serrini takes us above and beyond in Mother New York, flying high amongst the concrete landscape and slowly slipping across the shores of the East River. Picking up where Serrini left off, Beau Stanton’s Submariner plunges into the waters for a fantastical peddle-powered voyage along the floor of New York’s waterways.

Finally, Lacy Barry’s Doves brings us back home to a simpler time, before 150 square feet seemed like an adequate space for a home. Barry’s narrative film also shows off her signature paper craft pieces, which mesh fine art and fashion.

The Roger Smith Hotel’s Channel 22 is dedicated to video art. Every 2 months we present the work of a new artist with the intention of bringing art straight into the guest rooms.

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