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John Johnson

Poor Seward Johnson, nobody takes him seriously. And other than the proximity of Double Check to the World Trade Towers, why should they? Another of John Seward Johnson’s life-sized bronzes adorns 34th Street, this one depicting a painter, and facing a floral mural by Lillian Kennedy. Johnson is the grandson of the makers of your favorite baby shampoo, Johnson & Johnson. For some reason, people just hate him. Not so much for his bronzes of every day people, but more for his life size bronze depictions of famous paintings, which tend to be described as “hokey.”

And YES, his name is John Johnson. I’d rather be called “C word” too (you know you were thinking it).


Who: J. Seward Johnson (and Lillian Kennedy Mural)

What: En Plein Air

Where: 150 East 34th Street

Lillian Kennedy

Lillian Kennedy


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