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John Copeland is on Tumblr


I’ve been waiting to say something about New York based painter John Copeland’s work for a while now, but I guess I just shelved the inclination and moved on. But I stumbled across the gallery card from his 2010 solo presentation of Dirty Old Town and High Life a few weeks ago. So I googled him, anxious to see what he’s been up to I found out Copeland’s on Tumblr!


I so vividly remember seeing his work at Volta, I stood there in front of his work in a semi state of shock, his crude, seemingly haphazard strokes threw me into the happenings of the paintings. They made me feel like a voyeur

lurking where I ought not be…staring at these painted vessels housing the desires I drew from them. And then I noticed Copeland smirking as he sat in a chair watching me looking at his work…and I liked it.

Check out what Copeland has been up to here.



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