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  1. Francis DeMato says:

    In 1986 a burglar fell off a neighboring fire escape and into the courtyard behind Jean Michel’s studio. I was a young police officer who was assigned to stay with the “DOA” until the “M.E.” examined the body. During my brief time in 57 Great Jones, I was intrigued by this man-child’s world.
    A loft with a glass showcase containing Jean-Michel’s “Matchbox” collection, which he showed me personally, was the highlight of the day. His chef was cooking a macro-biotic menu, so I just had a peanut butter sandwich,(organic,of course).
    I remember Jean-Michel being somewhat terrified, yet weirdly curious about the poor unfortunate who lay outside his back door.
    It was a moment in time I remember because of the pieces that lay around unfinished& the cordial demeanor in which a uniformed public servant was received.

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