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Jamison Ernest Bouncing Cars Offers Art and Diamonds –

jamison Now this I gotta see! Not only does Jamison Ernest‘s show at Ambassador Gallery( at 450 West 14th Street) involve a maze, but also diamonds! The installation takes visitors through a choose your own adventure sort of candle lit maze that depicts seven realms (this is totally up my alley). To make it even crazier, Ernest will be giving away a diamond- YES a diamond- each night until November 30th (not including Thanksgiving) to give people “hope”. I “hope” one of the lucky people is me! Shine bright like a diamond! jamie-ernest Bouncing Cars, Jamison Ernest’s energetic, kinetic, and collaborative exhibition at the Ambassador Gallery, showcases vibrant and interactive art as meditations on the human life cycle, the individual, and the universe, intimating all the while the spiritual underpinnings of our existence. Added bonus: one of seven custom cut diamonds, hand cut for the occasion, will be given away each evening for seven days  starting Saturday, November 23rd through Saturday, November 30th, with the exception of Thanksgiving,  November 28th.  Inspired in part by a deadly car crash Mr. Ernest witnessed fifteen years ago, Bouncing Cars is conceived in seven chapters that represent the stages of human development from infancy, through adolescence and adulthood, to the second childhood of old age. The car – the driving force, the soul – is depicted in a slow-motion trajectory catapulting into mid-air, or jauntily defying gravity, or listing dangerously to one side. This celebration of life not only acknowledges the reality of death, but also humanity’s gift for transformation and evolution: visitors are invited to exit the exhibition through the maze called Purgatory, and reenter the space as ‘a reincarnation of yourself’ armed ‘with a new understanding of our universe.’ Bouncing Cars is no mere art installation. It is artistically compelling and intellectually stimulating to wander a pitch-black maze whose 7 dead ends speak of consciousness and the achievement of personal potential– It’s no accident you’re here. Be honest be sincere. Choice is yours: faith or fear. However, Mr. Ernest elevates this ‘live video game’ pursuit to real-life scavenger hunt: over seven days, seven diamonds each with 177 facets, commissioned for the exhibition from Phantom Luxury Group, will be hidden in the maze. Groups of 7 individuals will be allowed in the maze for 7 minutes at a time. Says Jamison, ‘I wanted to give people hope.’ He has done much more than that: for seven lucky souls leaving the exhibition with gemstones worth $77,777, he’s changing lives. ABOUT JAMISON ERNEST Jamison Ernest is a creator/artist born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, NY. Currently living and working in New York City, he abides by the philosophy that everyone human is a born creator but not all of us tap into our creative potential.

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