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Jackson Pollock’s “Penthouse”

In 2011, the apartment of art history’s favorite alcoholic, Jackson Pollock, came up for sale on Carmine Street. Billed a “penthouse,” the smallish 800 square foot apartment is more like a top floor walk up, but with four light bleeding skylights, one can easily see why Pollock chose to live and paint here. The apartment was selling for $1.4 million, far less than any other Jackson Pollock you could get your hands on.

Whether out of artistic integrity or not, the apartment  barely looks modernized, apart from the former tenant’s sleek leather sectional. You can imagine Pollock stumbling home from the nearby Cedar Tavern, banging his head on the angled ceiling before passing out in bed, or soaking in the tiny bathroom’s Japanese soaking tub.

The building itself is steeped in history, once owned by renowned glove-slapping-Alexander-Hamilton dueler and third Vice President Aaron Burr, who live in New York for much of his law career, and returned to buy this building after he fled to Europe after being arrested (and acquitted) for treason.

I love walking around the history rich Greenwich Village, contemplating the layers of history around every corner.

Who: Jackson Pollock (and Aaron Burr)

What: Residence and studio

Where: 46 Carmine Street, top floor

3 Responses to “Jackson Pollock’s “Penthouse””
  1. @LoriZimmer says:

    Hilarious to call Jackson Pollock’s walkup a “Penthouse”. Duelin fool Aaron Burr once owned it too. @artnerdnewyork

  2. @dat452 says:

    Jackson Pollock’s “Penthouse”

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