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Isamu Noguchi- Red Cube

Isamu Noguchi’s prolific career spanned from the 1920s until his death in 1988. Raised in Japan by his American mother (he is the illegitimate son of Japanese poet Yone Noguchi), Noguchi  at first was discouraged from being an artist until he began taking sculpture classes in New York. He then moved to Paris and began his art career as one of Brancusi’s assistants, where he learned stone sculpture, from then blossomed to incorporate landscape, furniture, architectural and set design to his talents.

His first attempts at the Public Works of Art Program proved unsuccessful, as one after another of his submissions were declined. This piece, Red Cube, was accepted  and installed in 1967. Despite its name, the sculpture is actually a distorted cube of diagonals, blazing red amidst brown and black skyscrapers. With his experience in landscape design, Noguchi tied art and architecture, which is evident when looking through the gray hole of Red Cube: the it points directly to the building behind.

It is also said that the the sculpture represents a die, a roll of chance. Appropriately situated in NYC’s financial district.

Who: Isamu Noguchi

What: Red Cube

Where: 140 Broadway

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