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Find Your Love Match in Times Square

Monday morning I trekked in the frigid weather to get my heart warmed at the new Valentine sculpture in Times Square  by Young Projects. Visitors position themselves on their astrological sign and look through a series of pink and red pipes to see their possible matches…sadly for me, I got three peeps of the sky and one camera when looking through. Tell me , WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I hope you have better luck…

DSC06104 DSC06108

Those looking for love can now find their matches in Times Square with Young Projects’ new interactive sculpture, which was unveiled yesterday in advance of Valentine’s Day. Match-Maker is a heart-shaped, pink and red form that allows viewers to peer through interwoven periscopes to glimpse potential astrological mates. The public art piece is the winner of the Times Square Alliance and Van Alen Institute’s annual Valentine sculpture competition.

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