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[INFOGRAPHIC] Art-Evolution – Art History in 10 Steps

Our friends at auctionata shared with us this neat infographic about the evolution of art history.  Enjoy!


Art-Evolution – Art History in 10 Steps

The infographic introduces the different artistic movements, starting with cave paintings, the earliest traces of art, over the ancient Greece, famous for their architecture and sculpture, presenting the epochs Gothic, with the representatives Giotto and Pisano, the Renaissance, with Rafael and Botticelli and the Baroque, with Rubens and Rembrandt. T he art evolution cannot be imagined without the important styles of art like the impressionism, the expressionism and the surrealism with their representatives Monet, Kandinsky und Dalí. Furthermore the youngest global styles of art like Pop Art and Street Art that became well-known through artists like Warhol and Banksy are pathfinders for the future development of art. via

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