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In The Dollhouse


Let’s get one thing straight – THESE ARE REAL MODELS.

You may already be familiar with Dina Goldstein’s work – she has the penchant for being the one to burst the bubble. Remember her pictorial Fallen Princesses that touches on what happened to Disney Princesses when placed in the real world? Wherever there’s a silver lining to be had or a Once Upon a Time, Dina Goldstein is going to find the grittier side of it.


This time her photo essay In The Dollhouse takes aim at America’s favorite doll, Barbie. She’s re imagining the life of Barbie and Ken with models (Nathaniel Campbell & Reghan Blake) – putting them some real world situations. Here Barbie & Ken seem a little dissatisfied with their marriage, and who could blame them… what with having to deal with dueling egos, Ken’s burgeoning sexual confusion and what seems like Barbie’s eventual breakdown.

in-the-dollhouse-3 (1) in-the-dollhouse-2

Here in the Behind the Scenes Video you can see Dina’s crew bring Barbie’s Pink Kingdom to life.

image credit: Dina Goldstein

via Indulged

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