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I’m immortalized in stencil…Logan Hicks at Wynwood Walls

Well, it happened. The most romantic of gestures, fused with Logan Hicks’s most incredible mural to date. A new mural for Wynwood Walls about finding love in the chaos of New York City, with myself as the model. When we spent an evening walking around New York taking pictures of architectural say bridges, I had no idea what Logan was up to, but now the resulting piece can be enjoyed by everyone in the protected gardens at Wynwood Walls. #WallsOfChange marked the opening of the new expansion of the Wynwood Walls gardens, with incredible work by PichiAvo (LOVE THEM), Inti, Crash, Cryptik, London Police, Case, Alseed, Hueman, Alex Diaz and Logan. I’m so incredibly honored to be a part of it as the inspiration for the piece and as a 5 layer stencil of my likeness! I mean , wow, so unreal, pinch me please. So happy

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