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I Love Loie

I probably write about Loie Fuller on every platform I’ve ever had, but I’m just so into her. I first saw this video at an Art Nouveau exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2000 and, being young, never bothered to remember who it was. Years later, it was on a tiny screen at MoMA and my obsession commenced.

Loie was an American in Paris, a dancer and burlesque performer, but bitch was also smart. She held several patents for chemical color changing stage lighting compounds she invented for her performances, like in the above Serpentine Dance. Born in 1862, she found that Americans didn’t take her seriously, so moved to France to become an artist and muse. She’d also teach dance to her following called “Fullerets” and would sometimes return to the States to perform.

I love everything about her- her gutsiness in the late 19th Century, her connection with dance and visual art, and even paintings of her, specifically Kolomon Moser. What a gal.

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