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Hunt & Fish Club

Remnants of old New York are few and far between- especially in Times Square, so I was surprised when a brand new restaurant echoed the bygone era. Eytan Sugarman’s brand new Hunt & Fish Club is smack in the  middle of the madness on 44th Street, but inside it serves as an artistic oasis from the commercial bull shit of New York’s tourist haven. Firstly, the restaurant was inspired by old glamor embodied- Frank Sinatra. 55,000 tons of marble adorn the floors and walls, rows and rows of carmel-colored booze filled crystal decanters decorate the bar, and decadent chandeliers combine old world style and modern aesthetics (thanks to Studio Iyor). Second, Sugarman understands what new glamor entails- and that is bringing fine art into an establishment. The restaurant commissioned artist Roy Nachum to install a collection of his paintings around the space, complete with his signature style of inserting poems and messages in Braille across the canvases. To complete a modernist tie, there’s a gorgeous room with a lush self-watering green wall.

Roy Nachum Artwork Blue Room Lounge Green Room PDR White Room Dining 2 Black Room Entry White Room Dining

Sinatra may be dead, New York may be increasingly commercial, but the Hunt & Fish Club is an art and design oasis of high glamor- gorgeous but expect prices to coincide with its grandeur.

Who: Roy Nachum

What: Hunt & Fish Club

Where: 125 W 44th St.

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