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HUMBO with Lainie Love Dalby at the Dumbo Arts Fest

I LOVE LAINIE LOVE DALBY! There, I said it. I first met her thanks to my friend Daria Greene from Scope Art Fair, and received one of her calming blessings at the New York Fair. If you are skeptical about performance art, or the power of art, I urge you to find her this weekend as she roams the Dumbo Arts Festival and ask for a blessing. Her gorgeousness is hard to miss.


  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 – 12:00PM TO 9:00PM
    SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 – 12:00PM TO 6:00PM



Urban priestess, Rev. Lainie Love Dalby, will perform the immersive ritual called “HUMBO (Hope Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass): A Blessing Performance To Burst Open Your He(art)” up and down the streets of DUMBO. The artist will don a signature wearable sculpture from her “ARmaTures of Awareness” series and invite passers-by to be “blessed” in an intimate interaction that will activate all 12 of their senses and raise their consciousness overall. Honoring art as an act of giving, the focus of this performance is the artist’s pure presence with each participant as an outpouring of unconditional love, subtle truth, unbridled self-expression and total aliveness that can change lives and the world.


Artist and interfaith minister, Rev. Lainie Love Dalby, is often referred to as “The Lady Gaga of Consciousness.” She is a transformational leader, motivational powerhouse, visionary artist and author, serving up huge injections of personal and social change. Her provocative wearable sculptures, immersive environments, and ongoing social sculptures transform the outrageous into normative. Through consulting, speaking and performing, Lainie Love helps you to claim your deep gifts, amp up your ALIVENESS, burst open your heart and up-level your overall experience of life in the global village. She is guiding the next generation of unconventional creators, change-makers and entrepreneurs to heart-based living, fueled by the belief in truth, beauty and love for all. Her diverse talents have been featured in the New York Times, New York Arts Paper and more.

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