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How To Throw a Party: Call Chashama and See.Me

New York is a land of endless parties. One bleeds into the next- the next free drink and DJ is simply awaiting me in my inbox. That said (I’m so appreciative!) it seems the party makers have the same formula- buffet, semi-famous DJ I’m too lame to know the name of, weird drink at open bar, awkward dancing and mixing of corporate people, home. Then you have Chashama‘s annual gala, which happened earlier this week (and ended with a takeover by See.Me). Their parties aren’t just events, but all encompassing art experiences that involve partygoers themselves- making everyone feel creative, beautiful and like they belong. Firstly, guests are made to feel a part of the performances happening at every corner with the hair station by Delirious Hair Designs. I waited in line (and made friends) while the ladies of Delirious transformed guest after guest into living art installations- clipping, barretting and pinning props, flowers, letters, glitter, LED lights, shower loofas and the like into one of a kind head pieces. The best part was the comradery it creates- everyone compares head dresses, and in turn mixes and mingles with the party.


With guests happy in their new-found art-selves, they are in a better mind set to experience the amazingness that went on- a two headed Muffinhead (yes, he had a little person on his shoulders under there all night), a living (and totally gorgeous) candle altar by Flambeaux, and a really beautiful dance performance going on over our heads (and I am not a dance fan). The entire thing left everyone reeling- and feeling like they were part of something, rather than just attending a fundraiser party. The evening continued at 9 with a collaboration with See.Me who took over the scene and started an entirely different party with the same vibe- dance performances, dancing and the debut of their new app. THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE PEOPLE- now next time you plan your gala, you know who to look to for advice!

chashama4 chashama3

SeeMe, hosted their #seemetakover launch celebration on Momnday at Anita’s Way Public Plaza, where SeeMe took over
Times Square for three hours to introduce a variety of new products, including its newly released iPhone app, which allows users to turn social images into “allover print” tshirts.

chashama1 chashama

The #seemetakeover campaign will span the month of June culminating into an event on July 24th, 2014 where SeeMe will feature its users’ most prominent images, photography and works on two LED billboards in Times Square. Last night’s celebration drew lines around the corner hours before the start of the event. Prominent guests of the event included Reggie Watts and DJ Jasmine Solano, with special performances by the W.A.F.F.L.E. dance crew and an arealist.

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