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Heather Rowe, William Monk and Richard T. Walker

Our friends at the James Cohan Gallery will be showing work by Heather Rowe, William Monk and Richard T. Walker through April 25th with an opening reception this Thursday. Through their medium, each artist attempts to engage the viewer to consider their perception of and relationship with the world around them.



Monk’s paintings pulsate with ecstatically worked surfaces, an atmospheric palette, and leaps in scale between micro and macro. In each work there is a universe of information to discover. Engaged equally with image and paint, Monk’s paintings remain true to both.



Richard T. Walker records his encounters with the American landscape in video, installation, text, photography and music, raising questions about the journey toward consciousness and our relationship to the natural world.



For this exhibition, Rowe presents a new large-scale installation, the latest in a series of works that explore the multiple natures of a “screen” as it might exist within a domestic setting. Bisecting the gallery in a series of accordion-shaped screens, the work investigates how architecture can affect the body’s relationship to space, frustrating viewpoints and blocking movement


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