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Baang + Burne Presents Joshua King: HARPOON, INSULAR AND UNIVERSAL

Tonight,  Baang + Burne are taking over a former neighborhood bodega in the East Village, breathing new life into it before it likely becomes a Starbucks or 7Eleven. Special on C, 195 Ave C / E 12th St. will be home to the solo exhibition, HARPOON, INSULAR AND UNIVERSAL,  by Joshua King, which fuses notions of quantum physics with readymades, sarcasm with repetition, and the idea of duality with secret openings in both Dallas and New York. One Night Only – Thursday Nov 6th, 6-9pm


Nov 6th, 6-9pm | ONE NIGHT ONLY |

The corner store was once an integral part of New York City living. You got your morning coffee there. Cigarettes when you need a break from work. Toilet paper on your way home. Scratch Offs and Snickers Bar, a million and one things that is part of everyday living. Except, there are fewer and fewer corner stores and more and more CVS, Duane Reade and Walgreens.

In this one-night only site-specific installation, Joshua King takes the readymade conversation to the next level, tailor made for New Yorkers in a space that was once an extension of our homes. Is the bag of chips from CVS the same as a bag of chips from the corner store? Is the human connection with the grocer worth an extra 25 cents? Will NYC become a papier-mâché version of itself? Is it still art when its devoid of the humbling touch?

In celebration of the gallery’s fourth year, Baang + Burne presents two complimentary shows, opening back to back in two different cities. On November 6th, a one night only in NYC, top secret location, RSVP required. The following night in Dallas, Tx, King opens a multiple large-scale site-specific exhibition.
King is simultaneously an artist, organizer and instigator, excelling beyond the label of artist, it is perhaps more accurate to describe King as a contemporary Andy Warhol. He is one of the most charismatic creative’s in the Dallas art scene. Co-Founder of Aurora, one of the largest art shows in Dallas, a photographer, and a mixed-media artist with a prolific studio practice. Dallas Observer listed King as 100 Most Creative. He embraces Duchamp’s Readymade resourcefulness, Claes Oldenburg’s humor, combining it with Warholian repetition, executing it with a clean modern aesthetic.

In Harpoon, King tackles the division of quantum physics through a selection of mundane objects and handmade sculptures that build on top of one another using monochromatic colors, and a repetitive form, that delicately composes into a sublime wonder. These two distinct shows is much like a tale of two cities; opposing realities each reflecting the affliction of each city. In the perpetual search for the new and innovative, Baang + Burne is setting up the one night only exhibit in an unlikely venue (address only revealed after the guest RSVP) and the works are small in scale, large in impact, reflecting the spatially challenges of New Yorkers.
The large scale multiple site-specific installation reflects the vast expanse that is Dallas. New York is a synthesized conclusion on the insular; Dallas is an abstraction of the universal.

Both evenings includes an artist Q&A with King.

About Baang + Burne

Baang + Burne is a roaming contemporary gallery under the direction of Charlie Grosso. Since 2010, Baang + Burne has popped up in New York City in Chelsea, the East Village, and DUMBO for gallery exhibitions, curated artist dinners, and panel discussions; Miami Beach at SCOPE Art Fair and CONTEXT; and during The Armory Week at SCOPE NYC. The gallery is a selected exhibiting partner with ARTSY. Baang + Burne presents work that engage the world at large, generates dialogues and is anti-art snobbery. Art should be made accessible for all. Baang + Burne loves art that is the barbaric expression of the soul and an articulation of the world. Executive Director Charlie Grosso is on the advisory board for EnFoco and manages gallery operations from all corners of the world; this press release is drafted from Hanoi Vietnam. The gallery is a social enterprise with the goal of facilitating art as an agent for change.
For more information on Harpoon, NYC one-night only pop-up or Dallas exhibit, please contact: Charlie Grosso,

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