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Handpainted Signs by The Maple Ridge – BUY IT NOW!

Profess your love of Chocolate Croissants, Spaghetti, the Circus and more with this line of hand painted signs by Philadelphia artist Andrew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge.  Each sign features a unique handmade font and reflects Zangerle’s love of the written word.  He states, The idea that shapes placed side by side, left to right, can represent thoughts and express feelings, tell stories, and even tell lies is a very powerful concept that, regardless of meaning, is remarkably stunning to examine, especially when using the English language and it’s 26 shapes placed in countless combinations to express everything that is expressible within human existence. I enjoy the look of words. The meaning comes only afterward.  Pick one that is meaningful to you.  Each includes a saw tooth hanger on the back for easy hanging.  $60 each. View the entire collection here.

The Maple RIdge Chocolate Croissants Sign_side
The Maple Ridge Fishing

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