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Group On: GROUP Show at Tatiana Pagés Gallery, Harlem

TP Group Show: images of works on view (courtesy gallery)

TP Group Show: images of works on view (courtesy gallery)

Threads deftly dive between sheets of paper while across the room, stitches hold together a giant plaster heart seemingly suspended in leather skins. Welcome to the wonderful world of GROUP Show at Tatiana Pagés gallery, located at the intersection of 139th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem. Here, everyday objects such as books and paper undergo whimsical and imaginative transformations into art objects encapsulating the spirit of discovery and revelation that ties all the works in GROUP Show together. The show consists of five evenly talented artists working in diverse mediums: Elsa Caceres and Anais Delgado are new to the gallery while Isabel Cisneros, Adriana Marmorek and Wendy Wahl also took part as seasoned exhibitors.

"Books", Isabel Cisneros, 2014  (photo author's own)

“Books”, Isabel Cisneros, 2014 (photo author’s own)

The range of pieces on exhibit seemed to playfully counteract one another while carefully revealing more content upon closer inspection. Cisneros’ “Books” (2014) combines the post-colonial with the native in a tongue-in-cheek display that evokes the tales of those unnamed who came before the wave of explorers in the Americas. Anais Delgado’s series of hearts displays a keen attention to surface detail, spanning from items that evoke the smooth readymade to a handwrought iron heart. Even artist Elsa Caceres’ paintings aren’t as straightforward as they seem: Careers’ self portrait extends beyond the picture plane onto the sides of the unframed canvas, hinting at the “more to the story” ethos that pervades these works.

Anais Delgado, "Native Heart" (2014) (photo author's own)

Anais Delgado, “Native Heart” (2014) (photo author’s own)

The all-female group show also traces a trail from South America up through the United States, with artists representing Venezuela, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic up to Rhode Island. While the spectre of colonialism wafts over many objects on view, there is an undeniable autobiographical streak tying all the pieces into an empowering and self-revelatory narrative. The strong curation of the works shows a conversation unfolding between self and society, community and country. Mixed media works combine with cohesive conceptual approaches to infuse the show with a depth that reveals itself upon closer inspection: an alternate name for the show could have easily been Come Closer, because as you encounter the works on view, it’s the natural response to the exhibition.

TP Gallery: GROUP Show announcement (courtesy of gallery)

TP Gallery: GROUP Show announcement (courtesy of gallery)

GROUP Show is on view at Tatiana Pagés gallery from June 4, 2015 through September 2015. For more information see the gallery’s website:

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